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UA 48

A New Quality Standard for Upland Cotton

To order UA 48 cotton seed @ $100 per 50  lb. bag

Complete an order form (PDF / WORD)

Mail or fax completed PDF  to:

 1091  W. Cassatt Street
 Fayetteville,  AR 72704
 Attn: Rheta Pryor

 FAX:  479-575-8646
 Phone: 479-575-8426.
E-mail completed MS Word form to

  • Growers are not permitted to save harvested seed for planting.
  • Orders must be picked up at the Lon Mann Cotton Research Station, Highway  1 South, Marianna, AR. Phone: 870-295-2839
  • When seed is available, all those who have placed orders will be invoiced and invoices must be paid in full before seed can be picked up.

Seed  was increased for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture in 2010 by West  Gaines Seed and Delinting, West Gaines, Texas.  All seed will be treated with Maxim/Apron/Systhane40.


UA 48 is a high yielding, conventional cotton variety that sets a new standard for fiber quality. A limited amount of seed is being marketed directly to producers by the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture for the 2011 season. This method of introducing a new variety is in response to demand to help fill the void of high yielding, conventional varieties for growers who are using conventional herbicide programs to manage glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Developed by cotton breeder Fred Bourland at the Division’s Northeast Research and Extension Center at Keiser, UA 48 has ranked among the best transgenic and conventional varieties in tests in the Mid-South in yield and other traits. It has exceptional lint quality and set new standards for length, uniformity index and strength for upland cotton varieties adapted to the Mid-South.

Performance data are from tests at four Arkansas sites, 2007-09; Tennessee and Arkansas Variety Tests, 2009; and strip tests managed by producers in Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas.


  Lint Yield, lb/A
All Sites Keiser Judd Hill Marianna Rohwer
1131 1048 1326 1124 1029
Equal to highest variety all locations 2009 TN and AR tests
and Texas Strip Tests.
Highest in 2009 conventional strip test at Biscoe, AR
Fiber Quality
Unif. Index
Strength (g/tex)
1.28 inch
Highest fiber quality in each state variety test and strip tests. Sets new fiber quality standard for high yielding upland cotton lines.
Disease Response
Bacterial Blight
Verticilium Wilt
Root-Knot Nem.
Highly Resistant
Moderate resistance to tarnished plant bug.
Short-season. Highest percent early open bolls and
shortest plant height in 2009 Arkansas Test.
Best adapted to silt loam soils.




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