Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness

Business. Sales. Finance. Marketing. Management. Whatever your passion, Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness department at the University of Arkansas prepares you for the future.

Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology

Research in the Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology focuses on how people learn, apply and create new information in the sciences and technologies of agriculture.

Animal Science

Research in the Department of Animal Science involves the disciplines of meat science, reproductive physiology, genetics, parasitology, forage utilization, nutrition and health of beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep and companion animals.

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering is engaged in research and extension programs which contribute to improving the quality of life, security, economic development, and environmental stewardship for Arkansas and the world.

Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences

The Department of Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences' research program has consistently produced excellent, innovative, basic and applied technology in such diverse areas as plant breeding and genetics, weed science, crop physiology, soils, and environmental science.


Supporting everyone from the hobby farmer to the largest farms, the mission of the Department of Entomology at The University of Arkansas is to conduct applied and basic research in areas such as insect/plant interaction, veterinary entomology, forestry, and agriclultre.

Food Science

Food science is the application of science and technology to produce safe, nutritious and appealing food products from agricultural commodities.


The research program of the Department of Horticulture is diverse, encompassing both applied and basic investigations.

School of Human Environmental Sciences

The focus of the School of Human Environmental Sciences is esearch in Human Development and Family Sciences focuses on quality of life issues regarding children and families.

Plant Pathology

The pursuit and application of scientific knowledge relative to the study of plant disease to solve real-world problems have historically been major goals of the
Plant Pathology department .

Poultry Science

Research in the Department of Poultry Science focuses on how we, as scientists, can assist the poultry industry and their communities.