Animal Science

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Research in the Department of Animal Science involves the disciplines of meat science, reproductive physiology, genetics, parasitology, forage utilization, nutrition and health of beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep and companion animals.
Research takes place at a variety of locations. Main laboratories and facilities for beef cattle, forages, swine and companion animal research are located at the Fayetteville campus. Major beef cattle and forage research units are also located at the Southwest Research and Extension Center in Hope and at the Livestock and Forestry Branch Station near Batesville. 
A sample of research in progress includes the relationships between mineral metabolism and immune function of cattle and swine, productivity and sustainability of novel endophyte fescue varieties, effects of harvesting techniques on quality of forage, intensive vs. extensive receiving programs on health of newly received stocker cattle, use of small grain forages for stocker cattle, use of alternative winter perennials to replace fescue, new technologies to eliminate pathogen load in ground beef, effect of nutrition on quality of beef and pork, and other studies.
Faculty publish their research in refereed journals such at the Journal of Animal Science, Journal of Dairy Science, Agronomy Journal, Professional Animal Scientist, Meat Science, Journal of Food Technology, among others. Departmental faculty serve both on editorial boards as well as section editors and associate editors of these and other journals. Faculty also publish their research in Arkansas Animal Science, an annual summary of all research in the department. This is distributed to Extension workers in the state, to other Animal Science Departments around the country and to university libraries.