Plant Pathology

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Promoting Excellence in Research and the Science of Plant Pathology: The pursuit and application of scientific knowledge relative to the study of plant disease to solve real-world problems have historically been major goals of the department. Research in plant pathology has continued to support and provide advances in the sustainable cultivation and utilization of the wide variety of crops that comprise Arkansas agriculture. The many facets of Arkansas agriculture and the science of plant pathology require a diversity of research programs that utilize expertise derived from many agricultural and biological sciences.
The ultimate purpose of the department's research programs is the control of plant disease through an understanding of the fundamental laws and principles governing the biological, physical and chemical interactions of pathogenic agents and plants in the diverse ecosystems of Arkansas. The department will continue to exercise a commitment to excellence in its problem-solving and basic research on the cause, nature and control of plant diseases of economic importance to the health of agriculture in Arkansas; the development of sustainable and effective disease management systems in agro-ecosystems; the stewardship of natural resources and the environment, and student research in basic and problem-solving aspects of plant disease. Plant Pathology has been at the forefront of biotechnology, and the department aspires to create a critical nucleus of faculty trained in various aspects of molecular biology and biotechnology.
Field research is conducted at Research and Extension Centers and Branch Experiment Stations throughout the state.