Poultry Science

Department web site: http://poultryscience.uark.edu/

Research in the Department of Poultry Science focuses on how we, as scientists, can assist the poultry industry and their communities. This includes, but is not limited to, the study of poultry diseases, nutrition, virology, poultry production, immunology, genetics, parasitology, reproductive physiology, neurobiology/physiology, microbiology and food safety and enhancement of breeder/broiler flocks with the cooperation of the following agencies:

  • The Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station
  • The Cooperative Extension Service
  • The USDA Agricultural Research Service
  • The Food Safety Consortium
  • The National Alliance for Food Safety and the NAFS Poultry Safety Center

Our facilities include a 112,000-square-foot Center of Excellence for Poultry Science building housing labs, offices, classrooms, USDA offices and a test kitchen. The John K. Skeeles Poultry Health Laboratory headed by director Billy Hargis. The Applied Broiler Research Unit Farm headed by manager Tom Tabler. A state-of- the-art feed mill and a 10,000-square-foot Pilot Processing Plant under the management of Rodney Wolfe. There is also a full-scale breeder farm located in Elm Springs.
Our scientists are national award winners, with two of the past three recipients of the Poultry Science Association's prestigious Broiler Research Award on staff at the University of Arkansas. Nearly all of our faculty serve as editors on various trade publications and journals.
Some of our equipment includes a real-time PCR, biosensor technology, flow cytometry, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and other molecular research equipment, DNA microchip arrayer, phospho- and luminescence imagers, robotic liquid handling systems, DNA synthesizers and sequencers. Facilities include computer lab for research and presentation preparation and a computer-automated Central Analytical Laboratory, directed by Kelly Beers, containing HPLC mass spectrophotometer and protein analysis equipment.