Dabbs Farm- Stuttgart

Terry Dabbs Farm

Arkansas County

Row Crop Operation: Rice and Corn

The Terry Dabbs farm is a row crop operation of about 1,500 acres implementing rice, soybean, and corn rotations. It is located in the Bayou Meto Watershed in Arkansas County.

This farm is much less dependent on groundwater for irrigation than the Cross County site as the Dabbs farm has been in a Critical Groundwater Area for more than a decade. Consequently, most fields are leveled and a tailwater recovery system has been utilized for several years. 

Water use and water quality will be monitored on four fields under different cropping rotations and management. Managment strategies include rice grown on zero-grade, rice grown on unleveled ground, rice grown on a precision-leveled field, and corn grown on a precision-leveled field. This combination of treatments allows comparison of different water management schemes as well as total water use for rice and corn production on a whole-field scale. The quantity and quality of recovery water will also be evaluated as it leaves the storage reservoir and again later prior to its re-entry.


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