Marley Farm- Elkins

Jeff and Marsha Marley Farm 

Beaver Lake Watershed, Washington County

Northwest Arkansas Poultry-Beef Operation

Under the new CAFO regulations, EPA is now concerned with “discharge” waters interacting with litter spilled during clean-out, litter stored temporarily uncovered during cleanout, and dust that accumulates in front of exhaust fans used for ventilation of houses.

The Marley farm has 6 broiler houses located at one site. Runoff flows from two houses flows to a farm pond and from the other four, across a pasture and into an ephemeral creek which is a tributary of the White River.

A monitoring station has been established at the pond's edge which will quantify nutrient and sediment loadings captured by the pond. Additional stations collect runoff water immediately prior to entering the pasture and then immediately before it enters the creek. As such, the nutrient and sediment content of runoff water may be analyzed as it leaves the vicinity of the production houses and then again after it has moved across a grassed pasture area. Both systems allow quantification of the nutrient and particulate trapping efficiencies for pond and pasture.

Construction at the Marley Farm


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Elkins Sampling

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