Moore Farm- Lincoln


The Moore Farm

Illinois River Watershed, Washington County


Northwest Arkansas Poultry Operation 

This is another farm funded by the Walton Family Foundation that will be located in the Illinois River Watershed.  Here we plan to work with a poultry producer who is increasing the number of poultry houses on the farm.  We will work with the farmer to design the new houses with a low nutrient footprint and install BMPs such as house gutters, retention pond, grassed waterways, larger concrete pads at the house entrance, and drains backfilled with by-product materials that will sorb large amounts of phosphorus.  Water quality monitoring on the farm and a cost analysis of each BMP will allow us to determine the effectiveness of each practice, in terms of $’s per pound of nutrient decrease.


Moore WFF Discovery Farm

Moore WFF-DF NRCS Soil Report

Moore WFF-DF NRCS Diversion Plan