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Blackberries are the leading crop of the fruit breeding program. The program emphasis on unique traits including flavor and sweetness, firmness, thornlessness, primocane fruiting and dwarfism have resulted in our genetics being used around the world.

Varieties Developed

2018 Blackberry Royalties

Prime-Ark 45 royalties (2009-2018)

Prime-Ark® 45

Released in 2011. Primocane fruiting, thorny, erect canes. Mildly sweet fruit with high flavor ratings. Recommended for commercial shipping due to its good postharvest potential. 

PrimeArk 45 HortSci Article


Released in 2018. High-yielding thornless, erect canes with medium-large fruit that are sweet with very good fruit flavor. A commercial cultivar with good potential for local market production and home garden use. 

Caddo Release Flyer


Released in 1999. Thornless, erect canes with large fruit, high yields, and good fruit quality. Later ripening than other Arkansas varieties. Good for use as a commercial cultivar or for home gardens. 

Apache HortSci Article


Released in 2013. Thornless, erect canes which produce very sweet, medium-sized berries with excellent flavor and postharvest quality for the shipping and local markets. 

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Prime-Ark® Traveler

Released in 2016. Primocane-fruiting, thornless, erect canes. Fruit is medium-large size with good flavor and good potential for shipping and postharvest storage. 

Prime-Ark Traveler HortSci Article 
Prime-Ark Traveler Youtube Video

Prime-Ark® Freedom

Released in 2014. The world’s first commercially released, thornless primocane-fruiting blackberry. Intended for the home garden or local market. Very large, elongated, attractive fruit with a routinely sweet flavor. 

Prime-Ark Freedom HortSci Article 
Prime-Ark FreedomYoutube Video


Released in 2003. Thornless, erect canes with high yields. Large, very sweet berries with exceptional shelf life, great for a commercial cultivar.

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