Plant Pathology and Nematology


Staff processes samples using semi-automatic elutriator

The Plant Pathology research program at the SWREC has been active since 1982 when the first faculty nemalogist/plant pathologist in the Southwest part of the state came on board. Dr. Terry Kirkpatrick has conducted disease research on a variety of field crops such as wheat, soybeans, and cotton, as well as horticultural crops such as blackberries, watermelons, and peaches.  The Arkansas Nematode Diagnostic Laboratory is located at the SWREC and is the only nematode diagnostic facility in the state.  The ANDL accepts in-state and out-of-state samples per APHIS permit PPQ526.  

For information on submitting nematode samples, please see the Arkansas Nematode Diagnostic Laboratory page for prices and instructions.