Agricultral Statistics Laboratory

The Agricultural Statistics Laboratory provides statistical and statistically related expertise for a diverse clientele throughout the Division of Agriculture and the College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences.  Our mission is accomplished through teaching, statistical and collaborative research, and the provision of statistical consulting services. 

The Agricultural Statistics Laboratory faculty and staff 
participate in collaborative research projects with Division and University scientists and with researchers outside of the University of Arkansas.  Laboratory faculty also devote a portion of their time to statistical research which is applicable to agricultural problems.

In addition to their research activities, Laboratory faculty and staff provide statistical consultation services for clientele in the Division of Agriculture, the College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences and, on a limited basis, for researchers in other colleges at the University of Arkansas. 

Statistics education is an integral part of the training of researchers in every discipline.  Proper design and analysis forms the basis for the efficient use of available resources in the pursuit of project objectives.  The Agricultural Statistics Laboratory's service curriculum emphasizes the understanding and application of basic statistical principles and provides relevant, real life examples for the students.  Given the continual development of statistical theory and methodology, statistics education can never be limited to the students in the University.  It must extend to our non-student clientele as well.  This continuing education often is delivered informally in the context of consulting and collaborative research activities and, on occasion, through seminars and workshops. 

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