The Agricultural Statistics Laboratory offers applied statistics courses for upper division undergraduate and graduate students oriented toward students in the agricultural, food and life sciences. These courses provide students with an understanding of statistics and its role in scientific research. All of the courses are taught with an emphasis on concepts and applications rather than on highly mathematical statistical theory. Students gain an appreciation for the power of correctly applied statistical methodology as well as its limitations in poorly designed or inappropriate situations. Successful students will obtain the knowledge needed to design and analyze their own research studies and, more importantly, to recognize when the advice and assistance of a professional statistician is required.

Descriptions for the following courses can be found in the University on-line catalog under Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences (CSES).

AGST 4011
SAS Programming for Agricultural Sciences
AGST 4023
Principles of Experimentation
AGST 5014
Experimental Design
AGST 5713
Applied Regression Analysis for Agricultural Sciences