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Quick Information

Mike Duren, Resident Director
Northeast Research & Extension Center
P.O. Box 48
1241 West County Road 780
Keiser, AR 72351
Phone: 870-526-2199
Fax: 870-526-2582
Twitter: AginarkK

Fred Bourland
Cotton Breeding
Phone: 870-526-2199
Morteza Mozaffari
Soil Fertility
Phone: 870-526-2199
Glenn Studebaker
Phone: 870-526-2199, ext 114
Chuck Wilson
Crop Agronomy
Phone: 870-526-2199

Research Focus

Research at the Center encompasses all facets of pest management, soil fertility, and agronomic trials for corn, cotton, grain sorghum, rice, and soybean production. The Center serves as one of the primary stations for soybean and cotton breeding research.


  • Encompasses 780 acres in Mississippi County located on the west side of Interstate 55 near Keiser, AR
  • Has facilitated the development and release of four cotton varieties and more than 80 germplasm lines by the cotton breeding program
  • Predominant soil series include the Sharkey silty clay and Sharkey-Steele complex with a small acreage of Steele loamy sand and Convent fine sandy loam
  • Combination of loamy and clayey soil textures allows for a wide range of agronomic research opportunities
  • The Judd Hill Research Farm, a 25-acre farm located in Poinsett County, is supervised by the NEREC in cooperation with Arkansas State University and the USDA-ARS
  • Oversees cotton research on 24 acres adjacent to the Manila, AR airport that has Routon-Dundee-Crevasse complex soil with a sandy texture



  • Staff consisting of the station director, resident director, 3 faculty, 7 full-time research technicians, and 10 full-time employees
  • Meeting facility with seating capacity of 150
  • 750 acres in precision-graded fields for research and production
  • Field and specialized research equipment for crop planting, maintenance, irrigation, and harvest
  • Hardy-Caviness greenhouse and headhouse complex for cotton breeding, soil fertility, and entomology research



The Northeast Research & Extension Center (NEREC) was established in 1957 as the Northeast Branch Station with the purchase of 627 acres to address the high frequency of cropping problems encountered on the clayey soils of northeast Arkansas. Research in northeast Arkansas was first started in 1948 in Osceola, AR on a leased farm called the Alfalfa Substation with the mission to assist Northeast Arkansas farmers with alfalfa production and cotton disease problems. The new branch station allowed research to expand into alfalfa production, all phases of cotton and soybean production, and evaluation of experimental lines of corn, cotton, grain sorghum, small grains, and soybeans.

Funding from the Arkansas General Assembly in the late 1970’s allowed for the creation of three research and extension centers and the Northeast Branch Station became the Northeast Research & Extension Center. The present 10,000 sq. ft. office, meeting, and laboratory building was dedicated in August 1979. The Hardy-Caviness Greenhouse Complex building and renovation project was completed in 2011. The project added a new greenhouse, doubling the size of the associated head house, and renovating the old greenhouse and head house. These improvements greatly enhanced the ability to establish materials for field testing, evaluate field samples, and conduct tests throughout the year.