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Arkansas Cotton Varieties

The Cotton Breeding Program develops non-GMO cotton lines adapted to Arkansas. The program focuses on Host plant resistance, high fiber quality, and earliness.

Varieties since program beginnings

varieties developed since 2010


most grown non-GMO variety in the US

Current Varieties


Released in 2018, UA212ne is a high yielding, widely adapted, nectarless variety. The nectarless trait is beneficial for pest avoidance and makes the variety bee-friendly. 

Currently available for license and commercialization


Released in 2013, UA222 is a very widely adapted conventional cotton variety with good fiber quality and stable yields. UA222 has a well-rounded disease and insect resistance package.

Registration of ‘UA222’ Cotton Cultivar  
Article about UA222 


Released in 2017, UA114 is an short-season high yielding conventional variety. It is widely-adapted and consistently performs well across multiple environments.

Registration of ‘UA114’ Cotton Cultivar


Released in 2010, UA48 is an early well-adapted cotton variety suited for cotton production in both the Delta and Texas. UA48 has excellent fiber quality that has set a new industry standard. 

Registration of ‘UA48’ Cotton Cultivar


Released in 2017, UA107 is an okra-leaf variety that replaces UA103. UA107 has consistently produced higher yields, longer fiber length and lower micronaire than UA103.

Registration of ‘UA107’ Cotton Cultivar

UA 107 News Release