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Quick Information

Tina Poseno, Ag-IACUC Administrator
POSC O-204
University of Arkansas
Cell Phone: 479-790-0606
Office Phone: 479-575-6317
Email: /

Important Dates:

  • Next scheduled meeting: Aug. 21, 2020
  • Submission deadline: 12:00 midnight on Aug. 12, 2020
  • Next IBC meeting: TBA
  • Next IRB meeting: TBA

Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns
The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is committed to ensuring that the animal use for research, teaching, and/or demonstration is conducted in a humane, productive, and responsible manner.  If you have any concerns about the welfare of the agricultural animals used or housed on this Campus or a satellite farm, please report them to any of the following individuals:

Billy Hargis, Ag-IACUC Chair –
Lauren Thomas, Attending Veterinarian –
Tina Poseno, Ag-IACUC Administrator –

Ag-IACUC Members


Billy Hargis, Chair – POSC
Beth Kegley, Co-Chair – ANSC
Rick Rorie, Scientist – ANSC
Sam Rochell, Scientist – POSC
Lauren Thomas, Attending Veterinarian – ANSC
Barri Tulgetske, Non-Scientist – TCO
Andi Carlton, Community Member
Dustan Clark, Alternate – POSC
Jeremy Powell, Alternate – ANSC
Heidi Ward, Alternate – ANSC


Jean-Francois Meullenet, Institutional Official
Nathan McKinney, Compliance Officer
Tina Poseno, Ag-IACUC Administrator